At least half the mystery novels published violate the law that the solution, once revealed, must seem to be inevitable.

Raymond Chandler


Label Ecriture uses its Swiss heritage to design and produce the highest quality writing instruments. Be it for everyday writing, or as an exclusive collector’s piece, we at Label Ecriture will guide you through your purchase to ensure that you have the highest quality product for your needs.

Label Ecriture's writing instruments combine the latest technologies and quality control techniques with artisanal skills acquired through generations of writing instrument production.

LE roller ball pens use porcelain points to create a soft and smooth writing experience. The rollers refills used by Label Ecriture are manufactured by Schmidt Technologies, in Germany, the world leader. Label Ecriture's ball point pens use components from StarMinen AG, manufactured in Switzerland. Inspired by the high craftsmanship required for Swiss timepieces StarMinen manufactures to the most rigorous standards in the industry.

Label Ecriture fountain pens carry iridium points and are made steel or gold nibs manufactured in Germany by "The Master" in the domain.

All of the materials used in Label Ecriture writing instruments – resins, ebonite, silver, gold, titanium, leather, carbon fiber, wood or Bras – are of the highest quality available on the market.

LE silver pens use sterling 925, the highest quality silver for manufacturing, to create a discreet yet perceptibly noble aspect. LE silver as well as LE gold pens are further treated with rhodium or platinum to completely eliminates discoloration or tarnish caused by oxidation.

We use an ionic electrodepositing process to coat LE stainless steel and brass pens for a smooth and elegant surface texture.

Label Ecriture also specializes in ultra-luxury diamond encrusted pens in a gold or silver base using the highest quality stones available through LE exclusive buyers. Alternatively, Swarovski crystals may be used to vary the brilliance level.

LE jewelry and hand-engraved pens are made in limited editions or alternatively can be made to custom specifications.

LE dedication to quality is also found in the presentation ecrins/boxes. These can be made from lacquered wood, cardboard with polymer or textile coating, or leather, depending upon your choices. All of our boxes and packaging can be fully personalized with trademarks or logos as well as with a thank you card inserted in the package. The cards are made by the prestigious paper craftsman, Gerard Guy, of the Castali Company in France.

At Label Ecriture we manufacture and guarantee our pens for a lifetime of use and aim to provide you with a unique and enduring object of the highest quality and craftsmanship possible.