You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance.

Ray Bradbury


It was with great admiration, I sat by my father’s desk and watched him move a fountain pen with a firm confident hand.

As a teen, that particular desk became a good place for my studies and there were always good writing instruments available.

Now thirty years later handwritten cards with their stubborn gothic letters arrive at my desk. They not only give me the message through their words, they also give me a wonderful gesture of love, knowing that someone sat down to write them especially for me. Calligraphic skills bring joy all around.

I’ve kept the habit of writing my dear friends by hand and receive their appreciation every time.

With today’s technology we easily communicate instantly through all kinds of wireless equipment, of course, with remarkable speed and convenience. Let’s say both serve their purposes.

The fountain pen represents elegance in writing, now largely lost. Yet for nearly a century fountain pens were a revolutionary instrument that made writing easier and faster.

It would be meaningful to foster and maintain the integrity of pen collecting as an international hobby, to promote and encourage the use of fountain pens.

I’m grateful to be a part of Label Ecriture and its wonderful writing instruments.